Provider Scorecard


The scorecard presents the connectivity metrics associated to 2 areas of our partnership cycle – Optimize and Enhance. They serve to determine your ranking in relation to all other Expedia connectivity partners*, as well as opportunities for further improvements.

These are your metrics.

* connects 10 or more properties to Expedia.

The metrics in this section reflect the health of your connection in the delivery of rates, available and inventory to Expedia, and the delivery of guest reservations to our lodging partners. As well, they reflect your efficiency in ensuring the fastest time-to-market across Expedia’s entire marketplace of over 200 booking sites.
YOY AR Message Success Rate
YOY BC Message Success Rate
YOY Onboarding Speed
YOY Connectivity Activation
The information below reflects the key features you have implemented as part of your integration to Expedia, thereby enhancing the guest booking experience, helping Expedia drive value across its global supply base, and supporting our lodging partners’ business.
PCI Attestation Supplied
Product API
Value Add Promo
Expedia Travel Preference
Expedia Virtual Card
Point of Sale Identification