Expedia Connectivity for Properties

Automate bookings and beyond through the Expedia marketplace.

Automate the time-intensive processes of property management with a connectivity system. Simplify the management of room inventory, availability, and rates; promote time-sensitive offers; and take advantage of new opportunities across the Expedia Global marketplace. Connectivity can help you with:

Total Availability

Proven solutions that automate the management of property availability, rates, and reservations.

Total Impression

Powerful solutions that automate the process of updating property descriptions and images.

Total Publicity

Flexible solutions that automate the creation of promotions for maximum property exposure.

Total Insight

Advanced solutions that automate the discovery of actionable intelligence and customer feedback.

How it Works

Drive continuous automation from existing property management and reservation systems through the Expedia Connectivity platform to leverage the reach and responsiveness of the global Expedia marketplace. There’s no better way to reduce duplication of efforts, eliminate the risk of human error, and accelerate opportunities for growth.