Lodging Property Solutions

Automate inventory management on the Expedia Group Marketplace through a connectivity system.

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Whether you're managing a 240 room hotel or a group of beachside vacation rentals, eliminating manual inventory management can save you time, ensure up-to-date information and broaden your reach. When you use a Property Management System, Channel Manager, Central Reservation System or an in-house-system, we have solutions to integrate and build a direct connection with our platform to automate end-to-end processes.

Less Time, Expanded Reach

Automate inventory and rates management to reduce manual entry.


Accurate Availability

Near real-time reservations and reduced risk of double bookings.


Dynamic Two-Way Information

Fast, accurate communication between your system and Expedia Group's technology solutions.


Rates and Availability Management

Make your inventory distribution process seamless.

Automate your rates and availability management to distribute full inventory across your marketing channels.

Reduce manual tasks and maintain up-to-date inventory

Easily manage more rate plans. A wide selection of rate plans helps ensure that you can have the right guest book the right room at the right rate

Reservations Management

Get notified when Expedia Group customers book your property.

Electronic reservation confirmations, modifications, and cancellations help ensure near real-time data transfer and reduce the risk of errors of double bookings.

Reservations delivered directly to front desk to eliminate manual processing

Maintain more accurate occupancy rates with up-to-date bookings and cancellations

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