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Welcome to Expedia's Partner API website. We provide guides, API definitions, samples, and a tool to use our test properties (if you already have an Expedia Partner Central login) to get you up and running with the various APIs Expedia provides.

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Bedding and Occupancy Configuration

More diverse bedding options available.

Availability, Rates, Restrictions, Booking Notification, Retrieval And Confirmation
Expedia QuickConnect Avail & Rates API

Expedia QuickConnect provides an electronic interface for EQC partners to send Expedia updates on availability and rates automatically.

Booking Notification API

The Booking Notification API allows partners to receive new, modified or cancelled reservations in near real time, as Expedia customers make these bookings.

Expedia QuickConnect Booking Retrieval & Confirmation API

The Booking Retrieval and Booking Confirmation APIs are two simple interfaces that allow Expedia partners to electronically retrieve bookings made on any Expedia Inc. point of sale, and provide a confirmation number.

Product Management
Product API

The Product API enables Expedia partners to read, create, and edit room types and rate plans via the API, without having to use Expedia PartnerCentral (EPC) or contact their market manager. It also offers the possibility to read basic property configuration to better use the API to manage room types and rate plans afterwards.

Property API

The Property API is used to onboard property attributes, images, policies, and fees. Additionally, this API can be used to update property content post onboarding. The quickest way to get started is to review the Supported Features and review the API Definition.

Expedia QuickConnect Products Availability And Rates Retrieval API

The Product, Availability and Rates API (PARR) was designed for any partner that needs to connect to Expedia to read/retrieve the current product configuration (rooms and rates defined), as well as the current rates and availability loaded in the system. PLEASE NOTE: for retrieving product information, Expedia STRONGLY encourages partners to use the Product API.

Image API (Experimental)

The Image API enables Expedia partners to add new images (one at a time), read images that currently exist for a property, and edit existing images' meta data like categories or room assignment.

Marketplace Feed (Experimental)

The Marketplace Feed API enables hoteliers to assess how competitive they are in the Expedia marketplace. This feed currently offers insights into how competitive a hotel's availability and rates are, as well as feedback provided by Expedia guests.

VIP Booking (Experimental)

With the VIP Bookings experimental API, partners can query Expedia to know if hotels are participating in the VIP program or not. They can also query Expedia to know the VIP level of the main guest of any booking.

Lodging Sort Rank (Experimental)

The Sort Rank API displays a hotel's average sort position based on historical search information. Hoteliers can use this information to understand how well their hotel has been performing on Expedia for up to the last 90 days. The API will return average sort rank information by Expedia point of sale, for up to 3 points of sales (most popular ones).

Top TPIDs And Regions (Experimental)

The Top TPID (aka Points of Sale) and Regions API provides the highest booking points of sale and regions for a given hotel. Hoteliers can use this information to determine for what point of sale and region their hotel is most popular.

Gaia (Experimental)

Gaia is a large database of shapes and points representing things like cities, regions, or point of interests. Every elements is identified by a unique numerical identifier.

Insights (Experimental)

The Insights APIs will give hoteliers some valuable data about how their properties are performing in the Expedia marketplace

Accelerator (Experimental)

The Accelerator API enables Expedia partners to read, create, edit and delete accelerators via an API, without having to use Expedia PartnerCentral (EPC) or contact their market manager.

Production API (Experimental)

Production APIs allows Expedia Inc. to provide supplier analytic and performance reporting, both to MM and Hotel partners.

Travel Content Service TCS (Experimental)

TCS is essentially a centralized content supply service which aggregates content sources from a variety of suppliers, both internal & external, and abstracts much of the complexity involved in the orchestration of all these services in one single entry point.

Hotel Review Analyzer (Experimental)

This application analyze text in order to extract key group of words and assign them a sentiment score. It was developed using Expedia’s user hotel reviews and therefore yields better results when used on text similar to an hotel review.

Media Tagging Service (Experimental)

The Media Tagging Service enables developers to understand the content of an image by leveraging existing machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. Integration with Expedia domain like DesMet and Gaia is also provided.

Hotwire API

Hotwire QuickConnect is a set of APIs that allow a client system to interact with the information available in the Hotwire Hotel Extranet. In turn, that information is used by and its affiliates to display and sell hotel rooms to travelers. Currently the Hotwire QuickConnect API can be used to create and update a hotel’s availability, rates, and inventory (ARI), and retrieve recently confirmed and/or cancelled bookings. The ARI functionality includes the ability to set the number of available rooms, per-day rate amounts and extra person charges, and several restrictions. Retrieved bookings contain guest and Hotwire single use credit card information.