Revision history

Date Changes
2019-06-07 Released new feature to expose allowedAgeCategories for Property level GET. Added documentation references in Quick Start, Sample Messages and API Definition.
2018-06-15 Added support documentation about Per Stay Service Fees at the Rateplan level (GET,POST,PUT)
2017-08-10 Added FAQ around managing deposit required flag in conjunction with the new Deposit API
2017-08-07 Added documentation about new depositPolicy link in Rate Plan's links section of the response payload on GET Rate Plan and GET Rate Plans operations.
2017-07-31 Added access to room type and rate plan resources without "/products" in endpoint path.
2017-05-19 Corrected list of support room views
2016-11-12 Released new feature to expose a rate plan's deposit required flag, create and last update dates in read-only format: these attributes can be read by partners via GET. They cannot be provided with a create request (deposit is set to false by default), and they cannot be changed in update requests.
2016-10-20 Released new feature to expose a room type's rate thresholds, in read-only format. Only GET operation is allowed on this sub resource.
2016-10-18 Released new feature to expose RatePlanLinkage information in read-only format in rate plan GET. Added links section to show rate plan resource's link to itself, his rate plan linkage parent if any, and/or its derived child rate plans if any.
2016-09-29 New section documenting changes between V1 and V2 was added in the FAQ and Guides section.
2016-06-10 Product API v2 now live. Versioning strategy changed from URL to using content-type and accept headers. As a result, URLs have all changed to have V1 removed when partners are ready to use V2. Room type resource changed significantly for defining bed types and occupancy.
2016-05-02 Added support for cancel policy exceptions
2016-04-27 Added support for Rate Plan Delete
2016-04-04 Refreshed list of supported value adds, added more pricing models supported, clarified required VS optional fields.
2016-02-01 Added support for room-level amenities (GET and PUT)
2016-01-07 Support for read/create/update room views and wheelchair accessibility in room type resource
2015-12-07 First version of the online API. Additional feature since last PDF version: support for read/create/update room size in room type resource