How do I obtain an API key?

Please visit the Developer Registration page for more information.

Does each hotel need its own API key?

No, a hotel does not need a unique API key, the API key is only at the developer level.

What are the limits on my API key?

Initially the limits on API keys are set to 2 calls per second / 2,000 calls per day. If you feel that your usage will exceed this, please contact HQC@expedia.com to increase the limits.

Do I need Hotwire approval / Hotwire account manager approval to enable a hotel on HQC connectivity?

No, Hotwire approval is not needed to move a hotel to HQC connectivity. Once you have your interface built to the HQC API you can turn a new hotel live at any time using their existing credentials.

Is there a test enviroment available to me?

If you need access to a test enviroment, please contact HQC@expedia.com. In many cases your interface can be QA'd in production as the live Hotwire Extranet graphical user interface. The GUI will reflect the updates made via the HQC API and is available at hotwirepartnercentral.com. Usernames / passwords are the same on the GUI as in the API.

What rate plans can I send to Hotwire?

At this time Hotwire utilized only one rate plan: XHW. Multiple rates can be sent to Hotwire only through the usage of room types.

How do I map / create room types via the HQC interface?

Room type names, bedding and occupancy restrictions can be created and edited via the "Manage Room Types" screen on the Hotwire graphical user interface hotwirepartnercentral.com.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have more questions after reviewing the API specifications and this FAQ, please contact us at HQC@expedia.com.